Cat D10N Crawler Dozers For Sale

The Cat D10N crawler dozer is equipped with the powerful cat PowerTech Tier 3 built-in engine that delivers the maximum variable horsepower speed. The Caterpillar engine is powered by the special cooled EGR technology system and its total fuel storage capacity is 15liters. The total operating weight of this crawler dozer machine is above 40,000lbs.

The Cat D10N crawler dozer has a dual-path hydrostatic transmission option with single-rail modular Powertrain system. The spacious driver’s cab has several features so it reduces the noise up to 50% and it also decreases the operator’s fatigue issue. The total lifting capacity of this crawler dozer is up to 25,000lbs. Its strong centrally-mounted blade attachment keeps the equipment balance perfect and it has a special three-hole type of a blade pitch with the exclusive screw-type fine-tune adjustment system for the machine’s settings. The operator’s cab is fully covered and manufactured with solid steel that protects the operator from the weather climate and any unexpected mishaps.

Sold Cat D10N Crawler Dozers