Grove Heavy Equipment

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The Grove Company is a well-known construction equipment company and it manufactures an extensive range of cranes to support the construction arena since 1947. The company’s main headquarters are in Ecully and it has manufacturing facilities in France, Italy, Germany, and Portugal. Grove heavy equipment products include rough and all terrain industrial cranes. The lifting capacity of Grove cranes start from 8.5 tons and go all the way up to 550 tons. Grove Equipment is famous for its reliability. There is a massive inventory of all the parts and equipment for every machine. The company provides expert on-site consultation, along with providing custom machine designs and manufacturing to fulfill every customer’s needs.

The Grove Construction Equipment Company has its own full-service centers at different locations in France, Portugal, Italy, and Germany, where you can obtain mechanical repair services for any Grove product. To meet the growing variety and specificity of its worldwide customers, Grove cranes are specially manufactured to fully meet the region’s construction requirements.

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