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The latest farm tractors are powered by powerful diesel engines with up to 22-hp while having four-wheel drive capabilities. They have hydro-static transmissions and come with two travel speeds, allowing for a wider field of motion. The air conditioned driver cabs are equipped with adjustable seats and ROPS systems. The three-point hitch feature provides excellent hydraulic position controls with rigid lower links, flow control adjustment, an adjustable draw-bar, telescopic stabilizers, and a turnbuckle lift rod. Innovative curved boom designs with center-point attachments decrease any chance of obstruction as well. The front part of a farm tractor is uniquely designed to help with tire clearance and improve operator visibility. Commonly, tractors have 4-bar bucket linkage systems that allow them to carry heavy loads without much hassle. Mico Equipment has several new & used farm tractors for sale in our tractor for sale section so feel free to take a look and contact us for more info or request a quote.

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