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Did you ever look at cranes and wondered what are the limits as to what this piece of construction equipment can do? Did you ever see a crane at work and thought about the reason behind its invention? Well Mico Equipment  was as intrigued as you are and that is why we thought of exploring different types of cranes that are being used nowadays.

“If a building looks better under construction than it does when finished, then it’s a failure.” – Douglas Coupland

A cause for progress

For those of you who don’t know, a crane can be regarded as a derrick or tower that is used to move heavyweights. The lifting or lowering of a material can be done via the cables and pulleys. The common use of cranes can be associated with the construction industry and it can be classified as a type of Construction Machinery. The advent of cranes has revolutionized the way construction work was carried out.

A reason justified

The introduction of convenience in the construction work was a tough job but since its inception, cranes have played their part mechanically. Merged with appropriate parts and methods, cranes can be made to work anywhere. The boundaries previously thought of as unbreakable were shattered with the development of cranes by the ancient Greeks in 6th century BC. With passing time, the need for cranes became evident as men started looking towards building more in less time.

A leap in time

Utilizing the thought process and bestowed intelligence, humans created earth moving machinery that was able to move loads swiftly and easily – Loads far greater than the normal capacity of a human being. Since then, progressive minds have worked together for the introduction of timely new designs to the parent concept. What we see today is a result of continuous developments over the centuries, cured to perfection by construction equipment companies. The following are some of the cranes that are typically used in the construction industry.

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Tower cranes

A combination of the concept of balance crane and modernization, a tower crane can be regarded as one of the best options when it comes to the construction of majestic and tall buildings. It’s capacity to lift the weight and its height gives it a certain edge over other choices present for the same purpose. One can never be too careful when handling any type of heavy Construction Equipment . Similarly, operating this crane safely requires a stable connection to the building.

Mobile cranes

Coupled with power and versatility, mobile cranes for sale have become the standard choice for cranes used by different construction equipment companies. To reach certain areas is a difficult task at some construction sites. Keeping the problem at hand as a priority, this crane was designed as a solution to hoist materials where needed.

Crawler cranes

The incorporation of tracks as the moving medium for the vehicle has added to the stability of the vehicle. Utilizing outrigger for stability is no longer necessary. Having lifting capacities of up to 3500 tons, these beasts are more than suitable for heavy lifting. The built-in capability of working even in soft soils is coherent with the tracks.

Rough terrain cranes

As the name indicates, these cranes are made for carrying out operations off-road. With these cranes, the extension of outriggers in a vertical and horizontal manner adds to the inherent feature of attaining stability. Rubber tires designed in a unique manner are a prominent feature of this crane. The engine type can be mentioned as a single-engine type. The power to run the crane and undercarriage is driven from the same single-engine. Coupled with stability and unique design of the tires, these cranes are agile over rough terrains too!

Truck-mounted cranes

When it comes to truck-mounted cranes, rubber truck tires are regarded as the source for its mobility. Here, the vertical and horizontal extension of outriggers provides exceptional stability. These cranes, in normal circumstances, can not have a capacity exceeding 50 tons.

Overhead cranes

The main use of large overhead cranes is found at manufacturing plants or in shipyards. As for the normal use, one can see them being utilized within a factory. The prominence of these cranes is due to their capability to lift very heavy loads.

Level luffing cranes

The movement of the jib in an up and down motion is due to a hinged jib. However, the hook maintains its position. This crane is considered necessary when careful movement is required. Moving the load at certain heights such as loading and unloading of the ship with containers is done via these cranes.

The All-terrain cranes

Integrated with an increased number of wheels as compared to other vehicles, the all-terrain crane has improved stability and enhanced traction. It serves as a perfect alternative to its rough terrain and truck-mounted counterparts.

These are some of the cranes that are normally regarded as being most used by construction equipment companies. Now that you know about different types of cranes and their usage, you are free to choose whichever you find suitable for your needs. Still, if you have any questions you can contact us right away and we’ll be more than happy to help you!

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