Top 7 Attachments You Need In The Forestry Industry

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A forest, by all means, is among the most favorable “playgrounds” of heavy construction machinery. Vast and varied groundwork is carried out within forested zones, either for deforestation, reforestation or routine maintenance works. All of this requires the combined power and resilience of quality heavy equipment along with its suitable attachments. The detailed discussion that follows makes you knowledgeable and well-informed of the latest implements employed in the forestry industry.

What’s The Need?

Why we require specialized forestry attachments in the first place, you might ask. For a couple of decades, forestry has globally expanded into a huge industry that thrives upon rugged and robust machines in action. The last decade or so has seen remarkable growth in the upgrading of existing attachments vis-à-vis the development of new tools and gadgets that work best under all conditions. Whatever the requirement, you’ll find a relevant piece of attachment to finish off your task effortlessly.

Attachments That Help You Out

To say the least, heavy equipment along with their attachment accessories abound the market nowadays. You name it, and there is ought to be an accessory that suits your need (and even fits your budget) the way you had desired. Beneath we highlight a handful of useful attachments that perform and deliver professional results.

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  • Tree Shears

Tree shear is typically a hydraulic attachment, used for felling and delimbing trees. It is a powerful and versatile tool that cuts trees from both sides. This attachment is considered an asset for site clearance companies worldwide, ranging in size and capability. The more advanced tree shears are equipped to handle large-diameter trees. Either for timber harvesting or land management, a quicker and more robust method than using tree shears for mechanical felling of trees virtually doesn’t exist. This accessory cuts and handles timber while keeping ground disturbance to a minimum. It also lessens the need for grounds teams to personally handle and feel the timber, or work at high altitudes. Mechanical felling is surely far quicker and safer than assigning the task to human workers when it comes to handling diseased or dying trees. Thus, with reduced labor costs this tool improves your ROI (Return On Investment). Since this attachment eradicates the need for intensive use of chainsaws and personnel, more hazardous clearances by buildings or bodies of water can also be tackled strategically and safely via excavator’s reach. Needless to say, fabulous results are delivered every time. 

As far as its manufacturing goes, it is made of high tensile wear-resistant steel, with the extra reinforced body for rigid mounting. The more advanced versions are heavy-duty, powerful cutters with lubricating caps. With a small additional cost, backrest option is available, too.

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  • Log Grabs

The PW Series is the result of an innovative project that expands the range of CMB equipment in the forestry sector. They are extremely versatile and allow a fast and safe cutting of the trees and the collection of shrubs on flat land, on slopes and in marshy areas. They are also used for maintenance of roadsides and paths. They are particularly suitable for large collection in forest areas. The cutting mechanism is sturdy and the materials used allow minimizing the wear and the maintenance of the equipment. Thanks to the picker arm, the equipment can also be used for the handling of logs. The replacement of the blade is extremely easy and fast, allowing to minimize machine downtime.

The MW Series tree shears, with oscillating chainsaw unit, is specially designed for tree felling and branch removal in total safety. It is particularly suitable for use on slopes, riversides, swamplands, transport routes and railways.

The attachment is equipped with a chainsaw, springy suspension and a tilting device which preserves the chainsaw bar from damage during the cutting phase. It can be supplied in the “MW580 short” version, equipped with a single gripper, suitable for telescopic handler or track excavator; or full option with double gripper. They are also used for maintenance of roadsides and paths. They are particularly suitable for large collection in forest areas. The MW Series allows you to cut diameters up to 750mm and thanks to its speed, ensures high productivity both in felling and in the reduction of already cut trunks.

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