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Within just 10 years crawler dozers have become the easiest machine to run, all credit goes to technology. Dozers become dominating and stronger when 130 hydraulic transmission and GPS machine control get installed inside it. In 2004, there were only 27 power shift and 36 hydrostats. Hydraulic transmission not only makes the task of taking down mountains easier and can skim the last few millimeters of dirt off the site as well as any motor grader. It does not have any gears inside it so there is no need to shift the gears. New dozers will automatically manage the power and load when the blade will load. There will not be any loss of momentum in any activity the crawler performs.

Mark Oliver, a crawler dozer marketing manager at CAT says “The machine will automatically manage the power to maintain that load. When it comes to live power turns, if you have a full blade of material you don’t lose performance in that turn, and that’s very important. There’s no rolling backward because the hydrostatic system will keep the machine from rolling back.”
For hydrostatic dozers, only one foot is needed for the decal pedal. This makes operation on side slopes, when you need that other foot to support yourself, less discomfited. Hydrostats comes with dynamic braking.
You also do not need to buy two different size dozers. Mark Oliver says “With hydrostats and GPS, you only need the one big dozer to do everything from the heavy machinery pushing down to the final passes”.
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