Some Things to Consider When Buying a Wheel Loader

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Many times people get confused when they are faced with the challenge of buying heavy construction equipment. The reason behind this is uncertainty and uncertainty arises with less believe and confidence. If you have a strong grasp about any particular subject or thing, you will neither lose confidence nor hope. However, if you don’t have the relevant knowledge then this guide is for you. Buying and selling wheel loaders can be tough but when you are on the buying end you might be the one who is more concerned.

“I do not pray for a lighter load, but for a stronger back” – Phillips Brooks

A complete construction

Wheel loaders are suitable for working in a variety of conditions and for performing multiple tasks. Therefore, choosing the right wheel loader becomes imperative to enhanced work production. Performing tasks such as clearing vegetation or debris, carrying out demolition works, and performing stabilization of the base material for further use, all requires a wheel loader to do the job perfectly. No matter what type of work you are doing or what construction equipment you are using, you need a reliable equipment to get the job done. That’s why Mico Cranes & Equipment wants to help you have the knowledge about wheel loaders.

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Things to look for

There are many things that should be considered before buying a wheel loader. Each one is linked with the other one, ultimately joining to form a series of components that needs to be inspected and analyzed for the complete knowledge. Nevertheless, one thing stands out and that is what do you want to achieve with your wheel loader? What task will you be carrying out with it? Application is important because it serves as a determiner of the wheel loader that you’ll choose.

Moving Forward

Nowadays, innovation and technological advancements have changed the very basic wheel loader into something that is able to work in different directions on different fields. Its use is evident in progress of multiple industries such as mining, construction, handling of material, landscaping, and recycling. One thing that is noticeable in all this tug-of-war between popular wheel loader manufacturers is the urge to create a machine that is fuel efficient, reliable, and increases work capability. Renowned brands such as CAT, john deere, Case, Hitachi, Komatsu, JCB, and others have directed their resources towards this concept of an easier and better future.

Long-lasting design means more consistency

In terms of construction equipment, progress demands consistency and consistency demands an unfailing exterior to withstand the forces of the nature and harsh conditions. As we all know, site preparation is a tough task, especially when being done initially. A wheel loader that is reliable and is able to stand its ground while doing work is the one that will increase productivity. Examples include clearing debris from an area full of wood or trees. Under such conditions, it pays to be observant. When you are observant of the surroundings in which the wheel loader has to work, you will yourself choose a machine that is configured to protect the components critical to smooth functioning of the machine. Protective measures such as the installation of guards might be done to ensure additional safety. Last but not the least, matching the tires with the working conditions can greatly increase productivity. Maximizing uptime might also require considering certain tire fills.

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Knowing what to carry

The most popular of the applications of a wheel loader is to load and that is done with the help of the bucket. What this tells us is that revenue generation is directly linked to the bucket – more appropriately size of the bucket. But wait! There is also another thing that should be considered and that is the material to be carried. Whatever material you are planning to carry with the wheel loader, you should know about the specifications of the material. Although this might not sound really beneficial but this thing really work wonders. When the bucket size is appropriately matched with the material and lifting capacity and dump height are all accounted for, this can lead to a reduction in the number of passes to get the work done. Contemplating over the bucket size requires one to first keep in mind the density of the material. Experts believe that determining daily production target before selection of machine is good for increasing work capacity. If you are going to use a standard bucket for every material out there, the production capacity is negatively affected. Once you are done determining this, you should also know that while constructing there is a variety of materials that needs to be loaded. You might be working with sand one day or carrying gravel the other day. Therefore it is better to pick up a bucket size that can withstand the heaviest material that you are planning to work with.

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Know what you work for

The power of machine and capacity to lift loads are two of the most important determiners of production capacity of the wheel loader. It doesn’t matter if it is a used wheel loader or a brand new cat wheel loader for sale, you need to inspect the machine from these aspects for improved working efficiency. An improved cycle time is seen with an optimum performance of the hydraulics, ultimately adding to the production capacity. Another thing that matters is the fuel efficiency. Most of the customers want a machine that can work full shifts before running out of fuel. Add to this aspect the engine power and lifting capacity – and you’ll get something that is able to work efficiently, consume less fuel, and would take less time to complete the job at hand.

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Stand out with attachments

There are some mechanisms out there that are known to increase the switching or changing capability of the attachments. Attachments are an important component of the construction equipment. What you can do with your equipment, is multiplied by proper and suitable attachments. For wheel loaders, there are buckets, brackets, forks, handling arms, and grapples. If you are able to quickly switch the attachments from the cab and with ease, how beneficial it would be. You can also get some coupler systems that are able to finish greasing, would not require either frequent maintenance or parts for replacement. Always try to match these settings while browsing any inventory containing wheel loaders for sale.

Know the configurations

The change that has come due to the incorporation of attachments is phenomenal. Material handling arms, an attachment that can be adapted according to the use. If you are thinking of working in agriculture industry than XR arm configuration is the way to go. Even these linkages are related to purposes. If you think that you have to do more work using forks then XT configuration should be adapted. Not into that much material handling? Choose Z-bar for your assistance. So if you have a 950 wheel loader, choosing according to it.

Customer support is important

Whenever you are buying any equipment, keep an eye out on the level of support that the dealer provides. Post sale support or after sale support is a critical part of equipment sale. Trusted heavy equipment suppliers shall recommend you which parts to look out for more frequently or give you a list that helps you stock those parts. The support of the dealer and availability of the parts is a very important aspect that should be considered. With new emission regulations coming into play by the Environmental protection agency’s guidelines, each one has to be more careful of the service intervals, parts wear and tear, and other service structure. For some equipment, you also have to strictly follow the guidelines for usage of only API CJ-4 engine oil and ultra-low-sulfur-diesel to avoid going beyond the emission standards. All of these things should be in your mind when you are looking for a wheel loader so that you don’t face any obstacles while purchasing the machine. If you still have any questions regarding wheel loaders or if you are looking to buy a wheel loader, you can let us know and we’ll be more than happy to help you.

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