Small Case Backhoe Loader and its three Components

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Small Case backhoe loaders have a distinctly special appearance to them. Any seasoned professional can easily spot a Case machines from a mile away. However, it’s not simply a matter of looks, but also because of the way they’re built. To prove this point, the Case 580SM backhoe loader is designed in such a way that it actually consists of three major construction equipment pieces combined into a single unit. The three components are: a tractor, a loader arm and a backhoe. Each component of this heavy construction equipment is designed to perform specific tasks. Combined, they allow the operator to perform a wide selection of duties. At a typical construction site, the operator would employ these tools in unison to perform tasks more efficiently.


How about we discuss these three constructive components in detail, shall we?

1. The Tractor

The primary and core component of a Case backhoe loader is the tractor. It is exactly like the tractors farmers employ in their fields. The Case backhoe’s tractor however, has one deviation. It is designed to move easily over all types of rough and irregular terrain, as opposed to flat croplands. It has a turbocharged diesel engine, large rugged tires and an air conditioned cab with basic steering controls (a steering wheel, brakes, etc.). The cabs are either totally enclosed or have an open canopy structure to provide protection for the operator.

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2. The Loader

The second component is the loader, or front loader if we are arguing semantics. It is attached (surprise, surprise) to the front of the machine. The loader can do a large number of different things. For example, you can use it as a huge dustpan, scooping and relocating dirt from one location to another. Its main drawback is that it will not be used for digging, only for lifting or carrying large amounts of loose material. The loader is also used to level things over the ground surface (think butter knife) or to shove dirt like a plow.

3. The Backhoe

To complement the front loader’s disadvantages, the backhoe is the core and major tool of the backhoe loader equipment. It is used to dig up solid and compact material, usually earth, or bulky material loads. It allows the operator to pick up and drop materials at a whim. Basically, the backhoe is a huge very powerful version of a human arm. The backhoe consists of three segments which are the boom, the stick and the bucket. The arrangements of these three segments are extremely similar to your arm. Note the image above.

The backhoe’s segments are attached by three fixed joints, mimicking the human wrist, elbow and shoulder; which is why it also moves in pretty much the same way as an arm. In a Case 580SM, the boom is bent particularly upwards to make it easier to excavate objects. This unique design gives extra space for the bucket when the operator bends it with a full bucket. The backhoe digs all types of holes, but is especially great at digging ditches. Mico Equipment offers the Case backhoe for sale at a very reasonable cost.

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