Matching the Track Excavator Size to Your Work

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Completion of projects particularly construction projects requires certain things to be lined up even before starting the project. Each and everything needs to be mapped out so that one has a blue print of what is going to happen and how. Just when you have got yourself a new project, you start thinking about doing it the right way. One of the first things that you focus on is the construction equipment and track excavators are indispensable to timely completion of work onsite. However, there are so many options in the market now that it becomes difficult to choose one. Well, if you too are thinking about how it should be done then you don’t need to go anywhere because this guide is for you.

“If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging” – Will Rodgers

Plan it All Out

This guide is directed towards making the process of choosing a track excavator, easier. You need to work on your requirements, map out the site conditions, plan a timeline, and focus on the job itself and voila! – You got yourselves the perfect track excavator for your work. You should also take out some time to evaluate the features that any piece of construction equipment has. Whenever you are checking out a used track excavator or even a new one, there are multiple things that should be analyzed and assessed.


The Right Dealer for Right Track Excavator

You should start by choosing the right dealer or supplier for you. Why? Because the person or company you buy from, matters a lot. Purchasing equipment from a trusted supplier will yield benefits such as great customer support and post-sale support. These might seem not too important right now but when you need spare parts or your equipment requires improvements or repairs, then you might understand.

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Things to Know

For you, a right track excavator would be the one that is able to provide you with ample power and capacity to complete your projects professionally. You can hover over different sizes, configurations, and models to choose one that works fine for you. In this guide we’ll be discussing different sizes. Excavators are utilized majorly for carrying out tasks such as heavy material lifting, trench digging, ground breaking, pavement crushing, and others. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a caterpillar track excavator or any other brand; you need to know the size and other aspects for making the perfect choice.

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Excavators According to Size

When it comes to track excavators, you might be looking at a whole range classified according to size. Their work capacity varies according to size because of their usage in different conditions and industries. If you are able to understand the right usage according to different sizes you’d be able to greatly minimize the selection process. For those of you who don’t know, these excavators for sale come in 3 sizes, primarily.

  1. Small Excavators
  2. Standard Excavators
  3. Large Excavators
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Small Excavators

Weighing less than 7 metric tons, these excavators are also known as compact excavators or mini excavators. Their uniqueness is in the capability to operate in tight conditions on site. These track excavators are your perfect partners for landscaping jobs. The tail swing on this piece of construction equipment is near-zero or zero thereby marking it safe for use around buildings or other structures. When you face work sites that have a lot of pipelines running underground then small excavators will provide you with much needed precision rather than large excavators. One of the benefits that small excavators come with is smooth operation on soft soil without tearing up ground. The reason is small weight. With this weight comes another advantage, less fuel consumption and easy transport. So these are some of features which make small excavators perfect for certain applications. If you also have to do such work, then you should go for these track excavators.

Standard Excavators

Having ample lifting capacity and power, these excavators are known for their wide usage for a variety of applications and in various working conditions. This piece of construction equipment weighs approximately between 7 and 45 metric tons. With these hydraulic standard excavators, you have the freedom to attach multiple work tools – so you can work easily. Always remember customization and adaptions are both important equally. So adapt where you have to with your tools and customize where you can with your equipment.      The maneuverability on these excavators is phenomenal and with them you can perform multiple jobs. However, with these machines you might not be able to work on soft soil or terrain without fearing for breaking the ground. Those models within this size range that fall on the heavier side might also be somewhat difficult to transport.

Large Excavators

As the name indicates, this type of excavators is most suitable for working on large scale projects and massive structures. This beast of an excavator has a weight more than 45 metric tons and works fine on heavy duty jobs. These excavators are known to have tremendous power and lifting capacities imperative for successful completion of large scale projects. Some examples of such work include foundation diggings for high rise structures, moving enormous quantities of soil, and performing demolition tasks. By choosing this type of excavators, you are ready to take on large tasks on vast scale.

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Excavator Attachments

A customizable machine offers more benefit than any of its counterparts. When you are looking for any track excavator for sale you should always choose one that offers space and options for work tool attachments. Addition of the components adds to the features offered by any excavator tracks for sale.  But before you go on a shopping spree, you need to understand different attachments that can increase your work capacity exponentially. So here are few of those attachments.


the addition of this attachment to your track excavator can increase the bucket capacity. In addition to this, improved material handling ability will also be evident. The purpose of thumb is to secure the materials being excavated and have a grip on larger pieces. 


If you have to do tasks that require breaking up hard surfaces, then this excavator hammer attachment is the one for you.


There are different types of buckets available such as those with teeth or smooth ones. Buckets with teeth are used for trenching or digging. Lifting or scooping of materials can be done via the smooth buckets.


when the job at hand requires you to dig holes proactively and quickly, then auger attachments are the one for you. This is why augers have so many roles.


want to tear through hard and rough material? Choose rippers as attachments and get the job done, just like that.

These are some of the attachments that can work wonders for you. Now that you know about different sizes of these used excavator tracks for sale, you can easily classify them according to size. There are other aspects such as types and applicability after which you can choose the right excavator. These types would be discussed later on, so stay tuned for more! If you have any questions or are looking for any track excavators, contact us. We have excavators from all the big brands so that you get only the best.

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