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After spending one too many seasons under the shades of construction equipment industry does one becomes experienced enough to deal with the technicalities. One of such technicalities is fuel efficiency. Even the seasoned workers within the construction equipment industry have different views when it comes to this particular topic. This mistake is mimicked by not only dealers and customers but also the OEM’s alike. The confusion among the masses has led them to believe that it’s okay to use the term fuel efficiency and fuel consumption interchangeably. However, truth is a river far beyond the other side of this confusion.

For those of you who don’t know or confuse the two terms rather frequently, fuel efficiency is the production capacity of a machine that it gets for every gallon of fuel burnt such as tons per gallon. Whereas fuel consumption is the amount of fuel a machine burns per hour. Most of the original equipment manufacturers such as Volvo, CAT, Deere, and others are now working towards manufacturing machines with greater balance between production and fuel consumption. In other words, machines with enhanced fuel efficiency are now talk of the town.

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If you are an operator or a heavy construction equipment owner, you should realize that putting a fuel efficient machine to work means an increase in your savings on operating costs. Apart from the savings, you are also getting more work done. One can’t escape the fact that although fuel consumption is an important determining factor for operating costs, it is just one of the factors that account for fuel efficiency.

Let us understand by looking at this example. Two similar sized wheel loaders but with different burnout rate and production capacity. Wheel loader A is producing 100 tons per gallon but it is using 5 gallons to do the job. Wheel Loader B is producing 50 tons per gallon and it’s using 4 gallons to do the job. If the stats are analyzed sketchily, you might think that Wheel loader B is the machine to choose because of low burnout rate. However, you overlooked the fact that Wheel loader A is producing more tons per gallon. Therefore, Wheel loader A is more fuel efficient and will save you more money in the long haul. You can assume the same for CAT articulated dump trucks or any other equipment.

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Original Equipment Manufacturers

For years, the original equipment manufacturers have been trying to come up with a model that is fuel efficient and doesn’t compromise on performance and productivity. This was achieved by introduction of different services such as the Assist, ActiveCare Direct, and Site simulation programs. The assist and monitor programs help you monitor the productivity and other project data within the cab, inclusive of efficiency so that changes can be made on-the-go. The care programs are utilizing the telematics data, thereby allowing the operator to choose options that can help boost the fuel efficiency and lower the consumption. Even little changes like minimizing the idle time or using the equipment in intended mode leads to a world of difference. Site simulation programs collect and analyze the data according to the working conditions ultimately displaying beneficial suggestions for the operators.

Finding out the fuel Efficiency

Whether you are operating used dump trucks or a new motor graders, fuel efficiency becomes one of the most important factors. It simply means getting the best burn out to production ratio. Always keep in mind the state of the machine before making the decision for purchasing new or used heavy equipment. Plan out what you want then consider the maintenance costs, workload capacity, productivity, and fuel consumption and Voila! You have your fuel efficiency. One might be tempted initially to buy a machine for a low price but then if you combine all the prices and operating plus maintenance cost you might think a bit differently.

There are a ton of reasons for giving up on any equipment but you just need to focus on the straw that broke the camel’s back and you’ll be good to go. Don’t convert the consumption into bucks and then judge on these basis. Focus on the productivity and you’ll have a machine that is not only fuel efficient but also cost efficient.

So this is all about the fuel efficiency when it comes to heavy construction equipment. If you still have any questions please let us know. We’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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