How to do effective grading with CAT D7H crawler dozer

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Cat D7H Crawler Dozer

If you are using a dozer to lay the material on the surface then it will help you to perform your tasks effectively and quickly. However, it is known to everyone that land grading is not an easy task and if the operator will make mistakes then it will eventually increase the working cost and time as well for the construction company. That is why it is necessary that the operator must be experienced and skillful so he can do the task of grading in the right way which will help to save a lot of time and expenses. One of the dozers that are manufactured by CAT is the D7H crawler dozer that includes a blade that can be used easily to flatten the land. This type of equipment uses gravity to level roads and grounds on the construction sites. The blade that is located on the front of the machine is basically used to collect the earth which moves over. The operator must control the blade properly so it can be used to move the soil to the desired location and does not spill it over the tracks. These skills are enhanced over time with experience, but nowadays there are tools that are available with the machines to perform this task rapidly. It does not matter at what age you are in your career; you are always learning new skills. Learning will eventually help you to save time and do the tasks effectively and by doing this you will be able to perform the task of grading efficiently. If the operator is looking to perform the task of grading then it is important to first familiarize him with the machine and must also learn all the major tips and tricks to do the grading successfully before going in the market and searching for equipment. When the operator is using a bulldozer to do grading then it must make sure that he must make smaller cuts on the ground and should not drag the machine over a large area. If the cuts are being overdone then it will cause too much soil to collect that will result in spillage by the sides of the blade. It is basically a misconception that making the smaller cut will consume more time but it will actually save a lot of time and the work will be done more effectively. The operator will not have to move backward multiple times on the same strip of land. When the machine is being operated then it is necessary that the operator should know everything about its controls and technology. 

It has been seen in recent years that the manufacturers have emphasized providing the latest technology that can help the operators and contractors to achieve their desired goals and objectives. Automated control options are provided in the dozer that helps the operator to do the grading job more accurately. This control technology has made the grading more efficient because it not only improves the accuracy and speed but also it makes your heavy equipment a finishing tool so this will be beneficial for the company because to do the task of grading you will not have to buy both grader and dozer. Because of such technology, it has helped the operator to become experts in their field and make the grading task easier. As a result of this easiness, new employees are learning new skills as well along with the professionals to do grading tasks safely and efficiently. Operators should always avoid keeping the tracks too tight because it will eventually increase the wear and tension and the machine will be in downtime for long period. It is always suggested that the tracks should be tightened as per the recommendation of the manufacturer. Once the tracks are clean then it is suggested to not adjust the tension. Another important way to speed up the process of grading is to increase the capacity of the blade. The capacity of the blade of the dozer can be increased by up to 30% if the operator is using slot sides. The operator should work from the front of the slot to the back and the sides must hold more soil inside the blade of the dozer. Using manual controls can also help the operator to increase the effectiveness of the grading process because it will help to feel the soil that will complete the work properly. As dozers required limited passes to get the results and there will be less wear on the machine. If you will put few miles on the machine then it will extend the time between services that are required for maintenance. By putting regular maintenance then it will help the operator to minimize the cost of operation that will eventually increase the margin of profit. 

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Another way to use the technology of grade control to lower the operating cost is by reducing its fuel and paid worker time. If the operator will make mistakes in the process of land grading then it will add up more time to fix the issues. The process of technical assistance will help the operator to complete the job at an ideal time for the first time as well. For operators that are using dozers must use complete safety procedures before starting the operation. If the operator will use the grade control system then there will be fewer chances to do mistakes and improperly directing the machine. Also, the grade control system put an end to the need for grade checkers stake that is with the grading area. When there are no strings and stakes then there will be very few people in the area where the machine is being operated. Also, when the grade control system is being used then you don’t have to worry about hiring the operator of the dozer that has many years of experience. You can even go for those operators that have limited experience working with your dozers. This system allows the operator to train faster and get an understanding of the machine and its controls. Due to such effective features, the contractors can look for such types of heavy equipment for sale so that they can perform the grading task easily and effectively.

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