CAT 140 motor grader: The Benefits You Need to Know

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Within the periphery of used construction equipment for road grading, the CAT 140 sits among the top machines. Since its advent, this motor grader has been known for increased performance. Who would not choose a machine that is known for enhanced productivity and that too at a reduced cost? The infusion of technology within these construction equipment have changed the way we used to do work. From basics to advanced controls, everything has changed. However, CAT has paid attention to details to ensure that there is something for everyone when it comes to CAT 140 motor graders.

Following the Tradition

Those who are old-school enthusiasts of motor grader operations, would surely be delighted to know that CAT has not compromised on the tradition whilst assuring enhanced productivity. The CAT 140 comes with the traditional steering wheel and lever controls so that you can do what you want the way you want to. Although equipped with traditional method to control the equipment, the 140 motor grader is also driven by CAT GRADE cross slope technology. This technology is aimed towards saving the material. It comes with a promise of saving the material up to 40%. You can monitor the information pertinent to the Cat Grade cross slope from the display.

The Call to Action

Considering the working conditions while using a construction equipment is more important than you think. Some equipment are more suited to certain working conditions than other equipment. Most of the time, snow acts as a common barrier in impeding the work progress of an ongoing progress. Beat the snow with the all-wheel drive option that not only accentuates the traction but also helps in maneuvering the machine. This gives you an edge to rule out the competition while operating at the same efficiency level.

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Increased Efficiency

If one wants to assure maximum drawbar power to the ground, then this machine offers optimized machine balance to ensure this too. In a world where expenditure is ever-increasing and the results are deteriorating, the 140 motor grader comes with the ECO mode to help you save more. The engine on this motor grader is enough to support your work rate when the demand is high. Its standard circle drive slip clutch reduces the risk of damage by impact. The cat 140 is also equipped with a hydraulic system that is best suited to answer the question of multi-function capability. The manufacturers built this machine to provide the same level of efficacy even when performing different functions simultaneously.

Reducing Dependence

Inventions, innovations, and re-engineering, are all directed towards bringing about a change for betterment. Such an example is the digital blade slope meter fitted In the 140 motor grader that aims to reduce the dependence of the operator on manual grade. At times, you want an equipment that has high attachment acceptance and doesn’t adds minutes to your working time. The Cat grade attachment ready option is just the same. This makes sure that the machine is ready for additional 3D/2D grade control features. The cross slope indicate feature on your display keeps you updated with the real time readings of a cross slope. Now these can be scaled to the Cat GRADE for the automatic movement of the blade. Another important feature is the stable blade sense. This feature senses the blade bounce before the operator does. This leads to reduced usage of manual throttle and reworking on the site. The inclusion of remote services with the machine eliminates the constant need of electronic technician to help with the flashing of software in order to update the machine. You can also have all time access to idle time, fuel usage, machine hours, and other specifications through product link.

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Maintenance and Comfort

Maintenance in clusters is always beneficial. Grouping up of filters such as engine oil, hydraulic oil, and DEF filters helps for quick access and maintenance. The manufacturers have installed a reverse fan option to assure that one doesn’t has to spend a great amount of time to clean. If you are thinking of tight finish grading just avail the top adjust drawbar option for maximum available accuracy. By availing this option, you will be able to achieve a 45 percent reduction in the maintenance cost. If you are looking for a motor grade for sale, you should choose that option which gives you maximum comfort while operating the equipment. The predecessors or older versions like 140g or 140h motor grader are also in line with the newer models, from this aspect. With the multiple adjustment options available you can adjust the seat in your ideal position. The high capacity HVAC ensures that you have the utmost comfort while operating the motor grader. For an enhanced visibility there is a rear camera that comes with a heated lens.

Safety and Versatility

One should never compromise on the safety of the equipment. This is why cat 140 motor graders comes with a braking system that is dependable. Utilizing the option of the rear view camera you can have a safe distance and an idea of your surroundings to ensure proper safety of those around you. There is no stopping you with the cat Led feature, even when the sunlight is not shining. You can also add ripper and scarifier on this machine. With the mast-type and the mast-less snow wing attachment you can plow the snow. You can also add a mold board extension for more ground coverage.

So these are the benefits of cat 140 motor grader that one should know when looking for a motor grader for sale. If you too are looking for a motor grader for sale, then let us know. We’ll be more than happy to help you. Till then, happy reading!.

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