Benefits of Buying Used Construction Equipment

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Benefits Buying Used Construction Equipment

The construction industry is the largest growing industry in the world. It is expected that in 2025, it will remarkably increase to 70% more in size and importance. With such massive prevalence, the demand for equipment will definitely rise. Small constructors or companies looking for economical substitutes to improve their fleet go for used construction equipment for sale. Here, they can get complete technical capabilities without overburdening their budget.  

Investing in pre-owned machinery offers significant financial savings, immediate availability, and high performance. However, this strategic choice also supports greener practices by extending the life cycle of late-model machinery. There are several advantages to buying second-hand machinery from Mico Equipment, an authorized dealer in Houston, Texas.

Advantages Of Buying Pre-Owned Construction Machinery

Indeed, it is an instinctive response that purchasing new equipment is the best selection. However, this fact is not valid in each case. Sometimes, investing in second-hand machinery is a smart choice with numerous benefits. Here, we delve deep to support this approach:

Purchase at a Lower Cost

Obviously, the prime benefit of purchasing late-model construction equipment is the noteworthy cost savings. That will improve the buyer’s power to install more devices at limited expenses. Buying new equipment is an expensive choice and requires substantial upfront capital. In contrast, second-hand machinery costs 20% to 50% less than new.

Purchase Used Construction Equipment at Lower Cost

New construction equipment prices have dramatically increased in the past few years. Therefore, selecting a well-maintained and renowned brand of used machinery in Houston and international scenarios is always lovely. 

We are investing in used equipment, which results in less sales tax payment. This saved capita can be utilized to buy attachments to enhance fleet strength. Used in staff training programs, maintaining existing devices, and workforce expansion.

Avoid Depreciation Rate

Construction equipment depreciates right after the purchase, similar to other vehicles. This depreciation curve reaches its peak value in the first year after purchase. In fact, the double-digit depreciation is quite an average decline. This decline curve slope will slow down in the coming years and reach minimal change after five years. Therefore, you can avoid a “hit” on the initial depreciation by opting for second-hand construction machinery for sale.

Avoid Depreciation Rate with Used Heavy Equipment Purchase

A recent market survey shows that the depreciation rates are between 20-40 percent in the first 12 months. Well, selecting a renowned machinery brand after one year of usage is recommended to get the maximum investment worth. Moreover, it is suitable to conduct temporary projects with these machines. Also, this approach provides a better return on investment if you sell that equipment later.

Hold Equipment Value Longer

If the users properly maintain the pre-owned equipment, they can hold its value for longer. Likewise, investing in reputed manufacturers or dealers enables them to review their maintenance history for better selection. The buyers should hire experts who know how many hours are ideal to keep the device working well.

Used Equipment Holds Value Longer

Mico Equipment provides quality-tested equipment with an after-sale servicing facility. Once you purchase used Cat construction machinery, schedule regular upkeep protocols and maintain detailed service records. Not only to secure incentives in income tax processes but also to manage troubleshooting in case of malfunctioning. These previous maintenance records facilitate finding a buyer quickly at a reasonable price. 

Find the Suitable Features 

Making a list of the requirements you want for the following equipment will enable you to find the most suitable option. Indeed, the late models are not as upgraded as the new ones, but the products of renowned brands provide the possibility of modification. Notably, the CAT devices have greater integration flexibility with recent technological support. 

Used Construction Equipment with suitable features

Compare the features of pre-owned heavy-duty equipment for sale with newer models to make informed decisions. Always trust top manufacturing brands for optimal performance, even for used products.  The mechanisms of late-model working efficiency are similar to new products with minute changes. Therefore, investing in previously owned machinery is economical and long-lasting.

Wide Selection and Variety

Additionally, the most attractive feature of the used equipment market is the diversity of products with different companies and models. Indeed, some specific models with particular technical specifications are better suited for specific tasks or conditions. The users can find specialized machinery that is no longer in production. This variety of tailored solutions with unique requirements enhances working efficiency.

Get Immediate Availability

Due to manufacturing and delivery processes, new construction equipment often has long lead times. On the other hand, used devices are available immediately and can start working right after purchase. Therefore, they are considered a particularly advantageous choice when you have to meet tight timelines or immediate requirements.

Immediate provision of used construction equipment for sale

Mico Equipment has a dynamic range of high-quality construction machinery with different sizes and specifications to meet the needs of various operations. Moreover, they support safe and secure shipment services. Our fast delivery directly to your job site enables you to start working without any delay. 

You can visit our online inventory, click on the desired product, and check technical features with inspection videos. Moreover, you can have details about the manufacturer, model/serial number, year, hours of use, and price. You can also have a previous ownership history, including the conditions under which it was last operated.

Least Costs of Ownership

In fact, the used equipment retains its worth and value after the first year of purchase. The users can use these tools for specialty jobs and sell them afterward at reasonable prices. Additionally, the buyers of used equipment get special incentives over interest rates, amortization, maintenance, and insurance charges in their sales tax dues.  

Least cost of ownership when you buy used heavy machinery

The investment in suitable equipment will pay for an increase in revenue. Opting for used devices can enhance your fleet and help you meet productivity targets shortly. 

More Flexibility and Scalability

Indeed, the lower price tag of used equipment facilitates the users’ scaling up their operations by acquiring multiple units. This flexibility is beneficial for improving businesses’ capabilities required to expand their technical support quickly. Additionally, if the project needs upgrades or changes, the reliably used devices can be immediately sold or replaced at reasonable prices with minimal loss.

More flexibility and scalability options in used heavy machines

In the meantime, your company will gain experience in delivering specialized work. You can get more business and a good reputation in the industry with proven records of success. Future decisions are made based on the project scale and period. Construction equipment for sale is a wise choice for low-cost and temporary tasks.

Advantage of Available Warranties

Mico Equipment is the top-selling dealer that offers attractive warranty coverage on their construction equipment. If buyers have peace of mind that they will receive an after-sale maintenance plan from certified professionals, they will feel comfortable and more satisfied.

Indeed, the regular maintenance plan secures the users from future accidents or sudden machine failures. Moreover, these personnel use high-quality lubricants and oils to deliver outstanding performances. Similarly, the registered supplier has genuine spare parts and expert repair services. 

Enjoy Lower Insurance Premiums

Insurance costs for second-hand machinery are considerably less than those for new equipment. Conversely, the replacement value of the pre-owned device is lower, which reduces the risk of scams. Insurance premium savings lead to enhanced purchasing use of other equipment.

You can enjoy low insurance premiums with used construction equipment purchase

Indeed, insurance companies in the U.S. outline their premiums on the replacement cost. They don’t mention the period the buyer can use it. Therefore, discussing the replacement value, not the cash value, is recommended to make a claim resonating with your company policy. 

In cash, the user has to pay the depreciation cost. Additionally, in replacement value, they have to compensate for the value of that model market price, not for the new one. Also, the per-incident limit should be over the overall policy limit, which covers the whole fleet compensation rather than a specific device.

Better Resale Value

Used construction equipment retains price tags for more time than new ones, which undergoes a significant depreciation phase. In Houston, the used construction machinery for sale market flourishes well, with different reliable brands and high-performing models at reasonable prices. In fact, a good resale potential boosts the worth and return on investment and secures financial flexibility.

Eco-Friendly Option

Opting for previously owned construction devices is the sustainable and environmentally friendly approach. By extending the lifespan of machinery, you can decrease the demand for new production lines, reducing raw materials usage and energy consumption. However, these greener practices contribute to sustainable approaches and control of the ecological footprint.

Access to Reliable Brands

Purchasing used equipment streamlines the affordability of high-quality products from reputable manufacturers. This fact improves the buying capacity, which is too expensive for new products.

Indeed, the top brands are known for their device durability and work efficiencies. They can even provide the desired productivity from their late models. Furthermore, they deliver smooth and timely availability of spare parts and maintenance service options.

Proven Performance

Used equipment is available with a proven track record of performance. They can also support valuable insights into its technical features and reliability. Likewise, the previous maintenance records help to assess the overall condition and future life expectancy. This proven performance history gives confidence in the equipment’s capabilities.

Carefully Examine the Equipment Before Buying

Before buying the previously-owned machinery, inspecting the physical condition and technical features precisely is highly recommended. Mico Equipment, a renowned dealer in Houston, Texas, supports buyers in thoroughly examining the performance standards of selected equipment. They also help the client clear the ownership record and past upkeeping practices. Here, we suggest the critical areas that need careful evaluation:

Inspect Cab Area

Indeed, the cab is the most essential part of each machine, which acts as the brain and manages the command control system. Therefore, the accuracy of the buttons over executions is the primary worth. Moreover, the safety features should be upgraded to secure the operator’s comfort and work efficiency.

Mico Equipment regularly inspects its product’s performance and safety standards to meet U.S.-specific construction machinery standards. Definitely, the ergonomic design of the seating with proper seatbelts and protection cages protects workers’ well-being. 

Sit down in the cab and take a test drive. Also, the precision of brakes and shift movement of articulated parts should be checked. In the case of bulldozers, inspect the alignment and condition of the blade. Likewise, for excavators, check the load-bearing capability of the bucket. 

Additionally, the front and back mirror views should be clear and vivid for safe driving and productivity. In the same manner, the windscreens should be scratch-less. The LCD can be easily readable even in sunlight and nighttime to keep personnel at ease.  Moreover, the easy support of foot pedals or a joystick with comfortable sitting reduced fatigue and repetitive injuries. 

Tires Alignment and Condition

Carefully examine the conditions of tires or tracks to manage stable movement and reduce the chances of occupational hazards. Inspect the position of wheel treads and the alignments while moving. The signs of cracks and bubbles indicated poor handling practices with the minor maintenance services. Moreover, the heavy-duty equipment required proper storage areas with moisture-free shaded space. 

If you want to buy a track machine, investigate the track’s condition and each bolt’s firmness for accurate mobility. Indeed, replacing a faulty track requires thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs. Therefore, carefully inspect each part before making any decision. 

Observe Chassis Appearance

The performance of pre-owned construction for sale can be analyzed from its body framework. Therefore, the buyer should inspect the signs of dent or welding repairs. Also, examine the support of locks, arms, tracks, and sprockets.

From a technical point of view, check the engine power, precision of hydraulic parts, hose leakages, and rams for wearing signs. Indeed, each part of a vehicle has a specific lifespan and needs to be replaced afterward. These wearing signs depict the poor maintenance practices of the previous owner. Such investments can create pain in the future for both workers and work efficiencies. 

Engine and Transmission

Definitely, the state of the engine and transmission tells a lot about the powertrain and equipment capabilities.  Start the machine and notice the weird sounds from the engine and other moveable parts. Also, the emissions measures and smoke color should be checked to assess the engine faults. 

Check the gear and turn the machine on reverse to clarify things. Any unfamiliar noise from the rollers is a sign of damage in different parts. Likewise, the accuracy of the electric system is essential for its ability to function in demanding construction operations. 

Contact Mico Equipment for Used Equipment Purchase

Obviously, investing in used construction equipment for sale presents countless benefits. However, carefully examining the machine is paramount to making value-adding decisions. The constructors can upgrade their fleet with a limited budget and meet productivity targets. 

Contact best heavy equipment supplier now to resolve your queries regarding our products and services. We have many late models with approved outputs and quality assurance. Explore our online inventory to have in-depth details about each device. Moreover, our friendly staff is always available to help you select the suitable machine for the job. Join Mico Equipment to elevate the construction project success to the next level.

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