25 Heavy Construction Equipment Names

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construction equipment names

If you are not familiar with construction equipment names no worries. We compiled a list of construction equipment names for you.

Each development project requires a unique set of machines to complete the task. Having the proper equipment for each work improves efficiency, security, and development quality. As a result, it’s critical to be completely in accord as a group when it comes to selecting equipment.

 A few machines have varying capabilities, whilst others are task-specific. In this list of construction equipment names, we will help you understand the work of each machine.

1. Skid Steer

Skid Steer

Our list of construction equipment names cannot be completed without discussing this equipment. A skid steer loader is conservative motor-fueled equipment that might be utilized for an assortment of undertakings.

A system before the working lodge takes into account the connection of different kinds of apparatuses. The name “skid steer” comes from the way it turns. Since the wheels or rails have a set point, they will just point straight forward.

Each side of the vehicle’s wheels or tracks is secured in synchrony with one another and has its motors.

2. Boom Lift

Boom Lift

Another piece of equipment on our list of construction equipment names is a boom lift. A boom lift is an aeronautical stage used to transport employees from the ground to an elevated job. This development lift’s container is frequently large enough for one or two people to remain within. Wheels or a continuous band of tracks are used to move the machine.

The crane that lifts the bucket is controlled by a water-powered lift structure. Blast lifts are classified as either articulating or adaptable, although they are all key members of the larger “development lift” family.

Blast lifts, in particular, are an excellent choice for working at a level with apparatuses and other objects because of their capacity to connect at complicated locations.

3. Wheel tractor scrapers

Wheel Tractor Scraper

Wheel tractor scrapers are also used in earthmoving operations. Their usability earns them a place in our list of top construction equipment names. This enormous piece of machinery is made up of a back container that may move upward and has a sharp edge for smoothing a surface.

Scrapers are machines that are used to move or remove soil, rock, or other garbage from the ground up. Regardless of whether they were created specifically for this function, they may also perform tasks such as exhuming and evening out.

4. Forklift


A forklift can be utilized to move things across brief distances. The lift can move things both in an upward direction and evenly. It is normally used in distribution centers and is constrained by controlling haggle controls.

This machine is great for stacking and dumping enormous bundles or products. Lifting and bringing down the forks, utilizing side shifters to move stacks, and shifting the pole to keep the load from sliding off the forks are on the whole capacities of forklift administrators.

5. Manlift


Manlift has developed to turn into the biggest expert in the field of working and actually at levels. Manlift is one of the best Aerial Work Platform specialists. Since it is putting resources into individuals, quality, and development.

6. Telehandler


A telehandler is utilized for circumstances where a forklift would be lacking. It is more remarkable than a forklift and can reach far more significant levels. These huge bits of large equipment include a drawn-out arm that permits them to store loads in high regions.

The vehicle additionally has immense tires, which gives it an edge on rough terrain landscapes. Telehandlers are multi-reason gadgets that can lift, move, and position materials.

A telehandler can lift, transport, and position objects going from blocks and rock to wood utilizing different connections. a vehicle-mounted machine with a blast that can expand advance and upwards. The client can associate one of the various accomplices to the blast, like forks, a pail, a bin, or a winch.

7. Knuckle Boom Loaders

knuckle boom loaders

For handling trees at the arrival, knuckle boom loaders are used in a blend with getting through sawbucks. knuckle boom loaders are used in circumstances when the part size and volume are excessively incredible for a knuckle blast loader to find true success. Knuckle boom loaders have tracks and are more versatile than the wheel or trailer-based types. When a forwarder conveys a log to a stacking area, the knuckle boom loader utilizes a crane head to get the wood and burden it into a truck.

8. Backhoe Loaders

backhoe loader

A backhoe loader is one more type of digger. This equipment is multi-reason since it has an excavator toward the back and a pail in front. It is driven by a driver and, similar to a farm hauler, can push materials while likewise scooping.

These machines, with the digger arm on the back and the loader on the front, could dig at any point as well as help transport materials on a scene project. Looking for Backhoe Loaders for sale for your project? No matter what type of project you are handling Mico Equipment is here to assist you.

9. Excavators


When it comes to the list of construction equipment names excavator is the ruler. An excavator is an immense, diesel-fueled development machine utilized for digging channels, pits, and establishments utilizing its pail. It’s a typical sight on colossal structure projects.

Excavators come in a scope of sizes and may gauge as much as 180,000 pounds. There are a few earthmover connections that might be utilized instead of the digging pail to differentiate the equipment. By supplanting the pail with a drill, drill, ripper, or rake, an excavator might be used for an assortment of errands.

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10. Feller Bunchers

feller bunchers

Feller bunchers are a kind of collector that is vital in the logging business. They have an ordinary four-wheel base, permitting them straightforward admittance to go 4×4 romping areas. A feller buncher gathers trees by folding numerous metal arms over the storage compartment of a tree and afterward clipping the base with a trimming tool.

This reaper then, at that point, moves the whole tree to a get-together place where the foliage is separated by other equipment.

A feller buncher is just a less difficult reaper. This equipment can cleave down trees and gather them, yet it can’t delimb or buck them. The feller buncher, similar to the reaper, is accessible in both followed and wheeled models.

11. Harvester


The harvester, known as a combine, is used to gather grain and other tantamount yields. This machine joins procuring, sifting, and winnowing into a solitary activity. It helps with the partition of straw from the actual yield. It decreases human work for ranchers. A colossal vortex roller sucks in the harvest and disposes of the stems using a chute.

12. Motor Grader

motor grader

King of our list of construction equipment names. A motor grader is expected for the development of a street. This enormous apparatus is one of the parts used to straighten a segment of the earth to build a street.

A grader ensures a steady grade by straightening the locales it disregards with a metal plate. It as a rule has six haggles expanded nose where the leveling metal plates rest. A motor grader’s working reason is that it utilizes its moldboard, or edge, for unpleasant or fine reviewing.

The exactness with which graders can accomplish this is one of the essential qualities that recognize them. Motor graders, specifically, are great for evening out, conveying, and cutting material. That portrayal, then again, covers a great deal of an area.

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13. Forwarders


A forwarder is a sort of ranger service vehicle that transports huge slice logs from the stump to a side of the road arrival. A forwarder, dissimilar to a skidder, transports logs over the ground, which diminishes soil impacts yet restricts the size of the logs it can move. This machine, which is many times an eight-wheel truck, is worked to go rough terrain into the harsh landscape. This ranger service vehicle enjoys an upper hand over different vehicles in that it can move logs over the ground. This abstains from hauling, which can harm the dirt.

14. Drum Roller

drum roller

Another major machine on our list of construction equipment names. Drum rollers are used to pack black-top, soil, and other free materials. This equipment is generally seen on street building locales.

Smooth rollers and Padfoot rollers are the two kinds of drum rollers. Smooth rollers use vibration to gather free materials and produce static tension. Padfoot rollers make manipulative power as well as static strain and vibration. It empowers machines for reliable compaction.

15. Wheel Loaders

wheel loader

One of the major construction equipment names in the construction industry. Wheel loaders are typically used in construction and development operations. An arm lifts and lowers the container of a wheel loader, and a ringer wrench opens and closes it.

Wheel loaders are capable of lifting a wide range of materials, including debris, rock, dirt, soil, and beds. The advantages of a wheel loader include a high conveying capacity. It provides application diversity, ease of use, and decreased operating costs.

It aids in size selection and requires little maintenance. It is high-performing equipment that is suitable for any sort of task due to its ability and adaptability.

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16. Vibratory Rollers

vibratory roller

The vibratory roller is created by the rotation of an unusual shaft within. They are commonly used to compress granular base courses.

Occasionally, black-top, and maybe lesser to stunning profundities. It comes with a drum that may be used to densify soil, blacktop, or other materials. Vibrations are sent to the surface to achieve densification. The wheels of the vibratory rollers may obstruct the area beneath them.

This type of roller is more successful than others in terms of compaction. A two-wheel is attached to the back of a vibratory roller, and a drum roller is added to the front.

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17. BullDozers


A crawler dozer is a machine that sudden spikes in demand for tracks instead of tires. These multifunctional vehicles, frequently known as tractors or felines from the Caterpillar brand, can explore the most difficult territory without becoming caught.

A crawler, which looks like a farm vehicle apparently, is here and there known as a track tractor. This heavyweight is great for shipping enormous things starting with one area and then onto the next.

The tracks of this tractor give an astounding foothold, making it reasonable for crossing thick and fluctuated territory. Finding Crawler Dozers For Sale? Mico equipment is ready to serve you.

18. Carry deck Crane


A carry deck crane is a minimized versatile crane framework with a turning stage that pivots 360 degrees. This kind of crane is ideally suited for occupations that need the lifting of products in closeness.

The functional stage, or deck, is four-haggled with a control board as well as a directing wheel for activity.

Project workers, modern yards, and building locales all utilize carry deck cranes. This is because of the way that they are very portable equipment with a position of a safety plan. Carry deck cranes are utilized by administrators for applications that need small, solid lift equipment to eliminate tight regions and low hanging obstructions.

19. Trenchers


Trenchers are great for digging trenches, channels, and other long, slender openings for underground pipes and wires.

This considerable instrument has a robust metal chain made of uncommonly solid steel that it uses to cut into the ground and shred through objects like roots, more modest shakes, and mud. They exist in an assortment of sizes and capacities, for example, the wheel trencher or chain digger, which looks like an enormous trimming tool.

Trenchers range in size from stroll behind adaptations to slide loader or farm truck connections to extremely enormous followed by heavy equipment. A trencher, similar to an earthmover, separates the earth and any roots in its way to frame a channel. Their productivity makes them a major machine on our list of construction equipment names.

20. Articulated Truck

articulated truck

An articulated truck is worked with a long-lasting or semi-super durable turn joint that permits it to turn all the more forcefully. There are a few kinds, going from large equipment to transport, cable cars, and trains. An articulated truck, similar to any expressed vehicle, is worked with a turning joint for upgraded portability.

On account of this joint’s capacity to bear tremendous loads around difficult maneuvers, it is great for most of the underlying developments. This dump truck includes a control center point where the driver sits, as well as a material can where burdens are conveyed. Practically totally expressed haulers have four-wheel drive, permitting them to get to most areas in any condition.

21. Off-Highway Truck

off highway truck

An off-highway vehicle is intended for use on steep or lopsided territory, like those utilized in development or farming. Rough terrain vehicles (OHVs) are particularly expected for rough terrain use and can be encased or outdoors. An off-interstate transporter works large equipment on a building site, mine, or another rough terrain region.

You drive a dump truck, stacking and pulling soil, rocks, and equipment. The off-highway truck is intended for cruel circumstances. This hard-core dump truck includes enormous wheels with profound tracks that permit it to go through rough terrain and help development and mining activities. It is for the most part used to move things, for example, rocks or soil starting with one area then onto the next. To oblige higher burdens, a few variants incorporate multi-hub dump pails.

22. Asphalt Pavers

asphalt pavers

We can never forget to mention this equipment while discussing the construction equipment name. A paver is a sort of construction equipment that is utilized to spread black-top on streets, spans, parking areas, and other comparative areas.

It smooths the blacktop and offers slight compaction before compacting it with a roller. Black-top pavers are machines that are utilized to lay black-top.

The dump truck loads the blacktop into the paver, which is then scattered over the necessary region before being semi-pressed down and completely straightened by a roller. The paver is typically pulled by a black-top loaded dump truck.

23. Scissor Lift

Scissor lift

A scissor lift is an instrument intended to upward convey people and equipment. These lifts are fit for dealing with any application that would usually require the utilization of a stepping stool, pinnacle, or platform.

Many scissor lifts have a most extreme unconstrained weight limit of 1,000 pounds and more prominent confined weight limits. Scissor lifts are available in both electric and motorized versions.

Electric scissor lifts are used when a more peaceful workplace is desired, whereas motor-powered lifts sacrifice silence for harsh territory adaptability. A jacking structure is used to hoist scissor lift cans.

24. Cold Planner

cold planner

A cold planer is a machine that drudgeries are black-top and eliminates it from its unique spot. This equipment goes down an area, takes up poured black-top, grinds it, and afterward sends it into a dump truck through a belt framework.

These gadgets help in the readiness of a surface for a new blacktop as well as in reusing activities by recovering an old blacktop. Since this machine is large and hard to move, it’s basic to get the machine’s situating right before starting an undertaking to ensure negligible moving while processing.

25. Towable Light Tower

towable light tower

A towable light tower is utilized to give brightening during evening time projects or where regular light is lacking. This equipment is regularly determined by diesel and might be utilized in rough terrain. It is comprised of a generator coupled to a couple of towable light towers itself.


We attempted to assist you in obtaining the construction equipment names for your assistance. We hope this will help you. At Mico Equipment, we offer the new and Used Heavy Equipment for sale. For any assistance, you can call us or visit our Facebook page. Our representatives are always ready to assist you.

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